Innovasia ltd only provides its customers with top quality digital scales which stand the test of time. To ensure that we achieve such high standards, all of our stock undergoes strict quality control by our Hong Kong office. Once goods are manufactured and are ready for shipment, a representative from our Hong Kong office will travel to the factory with a 12 point essential check list to make sure the following criteria are met:

    Accuracy of the scale.
    Calibration of all scales prior to shipment.
    Weight consistency across the platform.
    Overlaod Protection.
    Tare functionality.
    Digit display clarity.
    Flat and smooth platform.
    Operational buttons are working.
    Drop Test. Product is dropped on floor and post accident functionality assessed.
    Re-Calibration procedures match instruction manuals.
    Finished product meets UK Health & Safety Standards.
    Packaging of the product meets all UK and European directives.

To provide our customers with further assurance about our quality and reliability, we ensure we only use approved ISO 9000:2001 manufacturers.
We are therefore confident to offer all of our customers a 2 year warranty on all of our products.
Please note that the warranty covers defective workmanship, Dead on Arrival products and all other faults which may arise with normal care of the product. Product abuse is not covered and nor is accidental damage.
If you are one of our wholesale clients and have purchased your Kenex Scales from us, please use the contact us page requesting a Return Note Authorisation.
If you are an end customer, and you need to use your warranty, please take it to the shop where you purchased your item and it will be dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner.

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